Thursday, June 29, 2006

Not Really Goodbye

I did give up for a little bit but of course ever the addictive personality I came back on
And Of couse there is my main index of all my blogs on

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Hi I have just popped into Blogger to say goodbye, I feel blogging has been my faithful friend I could turn to when times were hard but I feel that now I have grown out of sharing my soul with everyone - at least for the forseeable future...
2006 I hope will be a year I can expand out of the little birdhouse in my soul and hopefull realise my potencial as both a father and a son and a member of the AA.
I also think that being a member of the AA I have an obligation to keep the things I see in my little brain.
For the last few months my blog has become a load of mindless stupid stories and I realise it has outgrown its usefulness to me, it has been my second Christmas Sober and I realise now in order to sustain my sobriety I need to start helping the many millions of alcoholics out there in the real world.
So to the odd couple of remaining readers if there are that many left I bid you farewell and thankyou...

Monday, December 19, 2005

Madonna's New Single Sorry Out Jan 30th

The New Madonna single out Jan 30th featuring Zippy as special guest

Wishing You All a very sober and happy Christmas, it is my second one out of the Fog, and a big thanks to The Headmistress my old boss who had me in stitches when she sent me all these.
I must also thank my office collegues Zippy, Alf, George, The Balloon Warden and Breezeblock/The Honeymonster/Mini Roundabout/Humpty for putting up with me since September.
It is my 476th day sober and my viewing figures to my blog have now hopefully bottomed out, even blogger themselves are losing out on advertising revenue.
Oh yes and congrats to Madonna if you are reading, thanks for that email telling me how much you love my blog, well done on your Hung Up singles success.
Oh yes I said I would advertise your new one in here didnt I....
Madonnas next single is called "Sorry" and its out January 30th 2006...

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I have moved to
until after christmas to do my GREATEST HITS

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Thanks to Angus of Mollys for this, I think its a really good straightforward description of a AA meeting...
Typical AA Meeting
Everyone arrives has a cupper says hi etc.
Then the sec calls everyone to order. There are few moments silence to remember why we are there and alkies who are still in trouble. Then there will be a few readings. The 12 steps (Oxford movement meets Christianity meets Buddhism) or the traditions, some suggested ideas of how AA is run. Self supporting, no agenda, idea is to get sober and help others do same. Attraction not promotion.
Probably some one will read something out of the Book Alcoholics Anonymous. Its got stories and some basics. God might get a mention. But it’s not compulsory.
So far UR ten mins in, tops.
Then someone will talk about their life, how it was how they stopped and how it is now. Can be dull, boring, entertaining and inspiring. Or all four! This for about 25 min. Then people can share back or just dump their stuff, the stuff that is giving them grief. Its all well mannered and polite and as a rule you just say your bit. You don't have to say a word either. Just listen if that’s what you want. There’s a lot of laughs from shared pathos and so on. Its a very safe place to be.
Then the sec calls time passes the pot. Not compulsory to put anything in. Just goes towards the rent.
Then meeting closes, maybe with a v short reading.
More chatting clear up and say bye.
Sort of group therapy meets PTA (parent teacher assoc).
Some meetings are big some are small.
If you do go don't turn up at last min, get there 10 mins early and mingle and if you feel so inclined say hi and tell someone you are new so you get looked after.
That’s it really.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My New LOST WORLD website

It is now day 463 of my recovery from alcohol and I am leaving blogger for a bit to go back to my obscure "LOST WORLD" blog, this can be found at
I dont think anyone will miss me will they because no one ever leaves any coments (sob sob)
see you all soon....

Sunday, December 04, 2005


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Well its finally come round to my turn to share my story of recovery at my local fellowship, and what a wonderful journey it has been, not simply a matter of giving up drinking but changing my self.
You see the AA acknowledges that alcoholics cannot stop the habits of a lifetime without undergoing a total psychic change, but that is not without effort, Newton’s Third Law states to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Making peace with the past and putting your future in charge of a transcendental power is one of the things that the twelve steps to heaven give you but for me becoming aware of my defects of character have been the most difficult thing to face.
I have often asked myself if I simply had somehow given up drinking the stuff without attending the AA would I now been the success story I am, employed in a reasonably good job and genuinely happy, with my son visiting me every weekend.
The AA say if you are truly alcoholic you cannot give up without changing yourself and indeed I did find it really difficult to stop for a couple of days and usually went back to drink because everyone around me enjoyed social get together while lubricated by alcohol.
Sometimes I wonder why I keep rabbiting about stuff like this, still it keeps me happy, so what am I going to say to my audience tomorrow, well I don’t have a clue and that is the way we are encouraged to do our talks since it is believed that our higher powers talk through us and we are simply vessels for there communication.
So any preparation is simply a no-no this would interfere with what we were supposed to say which suites me and you know when you are sat in that seat you do feel something, I think we may be tapping into our ancients latent energies when doing a share.
Anyway that’s enough about my talk on Monday evening I will put it in the back of my mind now knowing that if no-one did a share there would be no-one there for me 15 months ago.
I don’t know what it is about me though but wherever I seem to get a job now a days things start to go wrong, apparently the price of Gas has increased threefold in the last few months and this is causing problems throughout the brick industry.
A lot of sites will be ceasing production during the first months of 2006 but so far not the Lost World which seems to have been missed out of the early selection but obviously this cannot be true of the next if things don’t get any better.
That is one major reason why I don’t want to climb too high up the corporate ladder because the higher you go the fun disappears and the dependence on that huge income increases which means more sleepless nights in uncertain times like now.
You also have problems in getting your own office and find that people actually take over it leaving you rejected and destitute and wondering the yard singing “streets of Philadelphia” and to top all this off find that you are also paying for this imposters education out of your budget.
Yes this is what happened to the Balloon Warden my boss last week when our Health and Safety bloke from the Park came over to the Lost World and commandeered his office for a meeting.
The Balloon Warden was also expecting a visitor and the only place left to have his meeting was in the store cupboard, Alf said he thought The Balloon Wardens Street Cred was taking a bit of a battering.
Also at the lost world while I am on that subject the proliferation of pseudonyms for our Green Brick manager continues, he rose to fame as Mini Roundabout and then became “The Honeymonster” thanks to a suggestion by Kev in teletubbieland.
Many of the lads on the shop floor are now calling him Breeze-block after f*cking up his car seat, apparently all the springs popped and the air bag inflated when he got in for the journey home last week much to the amusement of some of his men.
Zippy has suggested that we now call him Humpty Dumpty because he had a great fall in his garage which seriously weakened the foundations and caused small earth tremors to be felt as far away as Selby and Manchester.
Anyway I had better have my weekly bath now and change my Dr Who underpants they are getting a bit smelly after wearing them for over two weeks.
Oh Blimey I nearly forgot I had my PDR last week didn’t I- I will prattle on about that when I come back.
Yes the PDR happens once per year between the supervisor and his subordinates and is a bit like a Parents Evening without your parents, I think it stands for Personal Development Review and gives an indication of how well we are acclimatizing ourselves to Planet Earth and how well we are fitting in as Humans.
After my last PDR which was with N-man at the Park I was immediately made redundant and then they changed there minds and reinstated me which I took to be a rejection of my performance but the Balloon Warden gave me a 3/5 saying he never gave 1 or 2’s for best or 4 o5’s for poor performance.
My objectives for the first six months of 2006 are to build an Access Database which will calculate the cost per brick from the raw materials used and to develop a training Matrix by coordinating with Zippy, George, Humpty, Alf and Mr Spike.
He also said I can go on an Health and Safety Course so I can become aware of the hazards in the office such as the wires attached to Henry, Naughty Noo-Noo’s vacuum cleaner and a advanced computer course.
He also said he wanted me to liaise with Zippy more about the products we sell and where they are in the yard, he added he thought I had fitted in well and was glad he had chosen me at the interview.
He added he knew I was a few light bulbs short of a Blackpool Illumination the first time he had seen me and had realized back then I would fit in well with the rest of the slightly sub-human characters back at the lost world.
So assuming we can manage to carry on paying for our gas bill or maybe find an alternative form of energy to heat our clay such has Plutonium in a controlled nuclear reaction my job will be safe.
It has been rumored that we could start using gas generated from the Clygester which stores Alf’s too numerous to counts craps to add to the methane bought commercially since like Tesco’s credo goes “Every Little Helps”.